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Privacy Policy

Why do we ask for your consent to disclose information

When necessary, our ability to share information across our network of professionals enables us to provide you with enhanced services that we would otherwise not be possible.

Our global network allows us to perform many activities with greater speed and service, such as:

  • Faster response to questions and requests

  • Faster processing information of provided to us

  • Faster preparation of reports, tax returns and other documents

  • Better technology to support your needs

All professionals in our network are supervised and managed by Aardvark Tax Advisors. Responsibility for the quality of our services and protection of your information does not change when you consent to disclose your information.

Our policies and procedures follow and exceed industry standards.

We appreciate a more limited disclosure is appropriate in certain cases. In such situations, we will not disclose your information outside the United States or to other parties without your explicit consent.

If you wish to speak with someone further regarding anything related to our privacy policies, consents or other related matters please do not hesitate to contact us at

What information do we collect?

In order to best provide our services, we may collect various types of information about you.  Such information may include:

  • Information we receive directly from you on tax preparation questionnaires and surveys, and through meetings, telephone calls, and follow-up consultations with you (such as your name, address, social security number, family and marital status, and information about your income, assets, investments, liabilities, expenses and personal financial transactions);

  • Information from federal and state tax forms and tax returns that we receive directly from you or from other financial service providers or tax preparation firms that you have authorized to give us this information;

  • And, information from statements or records we receive from investment firms or other professionals that you have retained and directed to provide information directly to us.

What do we use your information for?

In order to provide the Services, we may disclose Client Information to our affiliates and to non-affiliated companies that perform services to assist us in preparing or processing tax returns (“service provider”), such as companies that assist us with the organization, preparation, processing or mailing of tax preparation questionnaires, tax returns and statements of account. We require all service providers to have written contracts with us that specify appropriate uses of Client Information. We may also disclose Client Information to affiliates and non-affiliated third parties for other purposes required or permitted by law or regulation. Such disclosures may include disclosures necessary:

  • To comply with a court order, legal process, or other judicial or investigative proceeding that produces a request for information from Aardvark Tax Advisors, LLC;

  • To permit auditing of account information;

  • To fulfil or respond to a request from you or that of your authorized representative;

  • To sell or transfer our business or assets;

  • And, as otherwise described in this Privacy Notice

Use and Disclosure of Client Information that requires your prior written consent

Use and Disclosure of your information by us is governed by Federal Law, State Law, Professional Responsibilities and Aardvark Tax and Accounting Policies.

Section 7216 of the Internal Revenue Code requires we have your consent (“opt in”) before we disclose information that we obtain to prepare your tax return to affiliates or third parties, except the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and law enforcement officials, and except for certain disclosures for other lawful purposes (including disclosures to our service providers who assist us with tax return preparation). We will only disclose Client Information with your prior written consent, if that is required under Section 7216.


We do not disclose Client Information to non-affiliated third parties for marketing purposes.

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